Sunday, July 27, 2008

One of the Unexpected Joys of Teaching


is hearing from former students, even years later, with messages, good wishes, questions, and, sometimes, silly videos. The clip above is courtesy of David, the youngest of three siblings (the older two are Adam and Alyson) I had the pleasure to teach. As you can tell from his Dancing Queen rendition, he is a riot. Smart, talented, and fearless. I hope I am lucky enough to have another couple dozen like him in my career. He certainly made the school day fly and taught me as much as I taught him. He's also a huge fan of The Princess Bride, so what more could you want from a student? :-)


Heather said...

Love it! David has, as expected, continued to mature into a poised, serious performer. ;-)

His special silliness lights up this computer monitor - working with him was always such fun. Mom loved it, too. Thanks for sharing this, Amy!

David Schwartzbaum said...

wow...well...I didn't know you had a blog! And even better it talks about me!
I just reread the Princess Bride actualy, it was FABULOUS again...the 30th anniversary edition with william Goldman's new NEW introduction and the first chapter of the lost book "Buttercup's Baby"
I'm trying to read Waiting for Gado, but I find myself waiting for it to end (that's my big joke on it).
Your blog is going to get noticed by my blog...keep up the good word. Keep lying about me Mrs. Gallup I love it!

Amy said...

If you decide to actually read it, you'll have more luck if you search out Waiting for Godot (unless there's some sequel I don't know about). Still, you'll probably find The Princess Bride more enjoyable. Meanwhile, what's your blog? And did you blog about Buttercup's baby, which I've never heard about before reading your comment? Enlighten me :-)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! His smile is positively contagious and he looks like he just had a blast making this video.
Thank you for sharing. Glad to know there is actually some quality out there in YouTube land. :)