Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sophia Swims

After an evening of Enchanted, popcorn and stories, the cousins had a sleepover (or at least a share the bedroom over, as some slept more than others ;-) Today they hung out, ordered McDonalds for lunch (where Sophia requested, "Can you tell them I'm a boy?" as she correctly resents the superior toys the fast food empire provides boys in their Happy Meals. Happy if you're a boy maybe!)

When afternoon storms threatened, they opted to watch Monsters, Inc. instead of going to the theater to see Space Chimps or choosing Clay's beloved Ratatouille :-) Finally, the skies cleared, and the kids hit the pool. Sophia showed us how she can swim underwater like a pro. With some coaxing, she also worked on swimming above water, by assuming the role of Purdy, the dalmation, while Maddie opted to be a golden retriever and Daniel a bull dog. Lots of dog paddling ensued. Check out the video below and photos above for all the action.


pegclifton said...

Wow! way to go Sophia! Sounds like a wonderful summer day.

Anonymous said...

That's my girl!

Thanks for posting the video, and for the dog paddling lessons.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute I just can't stand it! Sophia looks like a natural and I'm sure the dog paddling provided great entertainment for all. :)
Boy, do I miss summer days.... now it's just work, work, work.

Amy said...

Become a teacher ;-)

Maddie said...

Sophia was doing great. She made it halfway across the entire pool! We had loads of fun waving to each other underwater once I put some goggles on.